Piran – Izola

You should be fascinated by Piran, a saltworks town, where the seal of the former Venetian Republic is inseparably imprinted. Listen to the stories of fishing and seafaring in the Maritime Museum “Sergej Mašera” Piran.
Continue to the Strunjan salt pans and the magical Landscape Park Strunjan, where you can observe where the sea and land meet from the 80 m high cliff. Finish your wandering in the charming fishing town, Izola and the Izolana Museum – the house of the sea. Izola is a city of magical streets and many mysteries that are waiting for you to discover.

9.00 Monfort
Listen to the salt history of the Monfort warehouse, which together with the Grando warehouse is a rare example of a preserved salt warehouse of a formerly branched and economically important salt industry.

10.00 Maritime museum “Sergej Mašera” Piran
The museum, located in the palace Gabrielli, right next to the port of Piran, collects, examines and represents the maritime heritage and maritime related industries of the entire Slovenian area. Maritime maps, dresses, banknotes, coins, ship models and other objects will transport you into this town’s past.

11.00 Piran and Tartini’s house
Piran, a picturesque Istrian town with a distinct Venetian-Mediterranean touch and a long history, was also home to violinist Giuseppe Tartini. The museum collection is on display in the house where he lived. The Venetian house (Benečanka) also invites you to visit the oldest preserved Gothic house, Tartini Square, The First of May Square (Trg 1. Maja), the Piran harbour and the parish church on the cliff.


13.30 Strunjan
From the Sečovlje salt pans, jump to the Strunjan salt pans, the northernmost and smallest salt pans in the Mediterranean, where salt has been extracted according to the traditional procedure for more than 700 years. End the day with a walk through the Landscape Park Strunjan, all the way to the cross, where the flysch coastal landscape combines riches and beauties, both natural and man-made over the centuries. The views of the Mesečev zaliv (Moon Bay) from the cliff will surely enchant you.

From Piran, it is possible to go to the location in Strunjan by sea (order your boat ride via the WAYV app). The platform acts as an intermediary between shipping service providers and passengers who want to be transported by boat on the Slovenian sea. The use of the application is free of charge, the passenger pays only the price of the transport, which is determined by the transport provider when submitting a transport offer.


The second part of the itinerary – sea transport

15.00 The Arheological Park Simonov zaliv
You will be able to dive into the life of the Romans at the Izola Archaeological Park, where you can see the remains of a seaside residential Roman villa with an outbuilding and the largest port from the same time.

15.45 Izola
Izola – a town marked by fishing and waves, will impress you with its maritime heritage – the old port, restored old boats, Pietro Coppo Park, Manzioli Square and Rooster’s cape overlooking the Alps.

17.00 Izolana – House od the sea
Step along the path of Izola’s past and, through a series of documentary photographs, videos and various exhibits, explore Izola’s marine and seaside character. Get to know the successful Izola athletes, the famous cartographer Pietro Coppo and the former Parenzana railway.